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3 Hidden Secrets to Use Tinder Without Facebook {Working Methods}

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Tinder is a top most dating app which getting more popularity from 2012 due it’s features. Actually Tinder app works on GPS signal based services to find peoples who are very near to for dating with mutual interest. After allowing one to one chat between to mutual interested persons they can start their dating life. The most interesting thing is Tinder app is availalble on Both Android and iOS Devices. You can also hide online status of Facebook on iPhone. Here in this article you can learn more about “How to Use Tinder Without Facebook”

  • Question: I don’t have Facebook, Can I use Tinder?
  • Answer: Nope, You can’t because Tinder Don’t have any sign in system, you need to use your Facebook account to Sing up to Tinder.

Most sad part of Tinder is you need to add your Facebook account to login to the Tinder. Because Tinder Don’t have signing system so it depends on Facebook for signing system. Dating itself describes about your personal life, but when your Tinder Account linked with Facebook which means your personal life may socialize with your facebook friends, Then they may started commenteing funny things on you about your dating life. If you want to use or sign-in Tinder Without Facebook then you are in the right place. Let’s read more to know about “How to Use Tinder Without Facebook“.

Tinder Linked to Facebok. Reason Why?

  1. All most all people in the world have facebook, I think many of them create their own facebook profiles(some may create fake), so it gives trust whether the person is real or not.
  2. Abuse can be prevent from the users, because Tinder have all the data about the users from the Facebook.
  3. You don’t need to update your profile photos to Tinder, Facebook automatically updates your Facebook profile picture on Tinder to show other Tinder users whom you are.

Why I don’t Like Tinder Linked With Facebook:

  • Tinder Access Facebook Contacts: When Your Tinder Sign in Facebook you many ask for view your facebook contact, If you accidently click on “Yes”, then Tinder automatically goes through all your contacts and send the invitation to your friends like “Just now you are joinging to Tinder”. Then everyone in your friends list know about your dating life. And one more thing is Tinder automatically start searching your friends list to find out the potential match for you.

I think many of us don’t want to syncing our contacts with other apps.

  • Automatic Synchronization of Photos:  When you are linkting your Tinder account with Facebook then down’t forget onw thing. Tinder Automatically synchronize with your Facebook photos, Which means if you add any new photo on facebook, it automatically appears on Tinder too. Automatic synchronization of Facebook photos with Tinder is also one of the main reason why I don’t like to linking my Facebook account with Tinder App.
  • Online Privacy: Yes, here Privacy means Tinder didn’t have own signing system, we are connecting Tinder with the help of facebook, per suppose if our Tinder hacked by the anonymous persons then all your dating data publisize on facebook with your friends. This is also one of the main reason why I don’t want to use Tinder With Facebook.

So Finally I find few more solution To use Tinder Without Fcebook, let’s have try to check whether those methods working or not.

Friends don’t forget one thing upto know there is no official way to use Tinder Without Facebook, but here this 3 methods may useful to Use Tinder Without Facebook by adding some privacy on Facebook and Tinder.

3 Working Methods to Use Tinder Without Facebook:

I think 3 methods may help you to avoid your Facebook profile to signup for Tinder. So let’s read few more steps to know how to sign up for Tinder without Facebook.

Method 1: Increase Facebook Account Privacy:

Actually, when you Install Tinder App and Sign up with your Facebook account, Tinder app may visible to your friends or public. So you just need to change the priority settings on Tinder app on your Facebook account.

Step 1) First of all login to your Facebook account which you linked with Tinder.

Step 2) Now click on the “Lock” icon which is at the right top corner, after that tap on “See More Settings“.

Tap on See More Settings

Step 3) There you will see some more option at the left side of the facebook page, there click on “Apps” section.

Search For the Tinder App from the Apps list
Search For the Tinder App from the Apps list

Step 4) Now you will navigate to the page where you will see the apps which you already login with the help of Facebook, there serach for the Tinder if you find click on it.

Step 5) Here on the Tinder app settings change the App visibilty from “Friends” or “Public” to “Only Me“.

Change Tinder Settings to Only Me on Facebook

Step 6) Like wise you can use your Tinder Without Facebook news feeds on your Tinder app.

Now finally Tinder won’t post anything on your facebook timeline, if it posts it visibles only you. You friends and public no longer get notifications of your dating life. In this you can prevent using Tinder Without Facebook.

  • Know more how to sign in Tinder Without facebook which means fake Facebook(Not Fully fake).

Method 2: Create a New Facebook Account & Sign inTinder With Facebook:

If you not interested to use your personal Facebook account, then create a new facebook account to link with Tinder (Only use that Facebook account only For Tinder). If you have a question like How do I change my Facebook on tinder? then this method may help you.

Step 1) To create New Facebook account you need to have a New Gmail ID or New Mobile Number.

Step 2) After Creating New Email ID(Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) navigate to the Facebook account.

Step 3) While creating Don’t give your Last name means your Surname(There are many people with the same name but surname specifies you who you are)

After creating facebook account you need to change some settings in the Tinder app.

  1. Navigate to the Tinder app, open it tap on “Gear iCon” (Settings) at the top left corner.
  2. Here go to “App settings“.
  3. Logout and Confirm the settings.
  4. So here you are just Logged out from the Tinder. So again Log in to Tinder with the new Facebook account which you are created just now.
  5. Navigate to the Tinder sign in with Facebook.
  6. Finally, you are using Tinder With Facebook where you can limit your information.
Logout From Tinder
Logout From Tinder

Improve Privacy in Tinder App by changing Settings:

Upto know we just change some settings on Facebook to get privacy from friends and public and also created new facebook espicially for Tinder. But in this method we are limiting Tinder settings and improve privacy from friends about your dating life. To be frank there is no best method to use Tinder Without Facebook, we just need to improve privacy of Tinder and Facebook to hide our Dating life.

  1. First of all open Tinder app on your Android or iDevice.
  2. Then navigate to the “Settings” option.
  3. Then search for the “Show Me On Tinder Social” option, simply deselect that option.

These are methods which I am using to Enjoy Tinder Without Facebook. I will frequently update the article on public demand. If this method are not working on your end then let me know, I will try with different methods on “How to Use Facebook Without Facebook“. If you know any method to sign up Tinder Without Facebook, then let me know through Comments.

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