How to Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Want to How to Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on your iPhone, iPad and Android Devices Then simply Read my Post and then Fix Mobile Network Error Easily.

Without any Doubt, PUBG is well known Rich Graphics Battling Game with huge Popularity around the world.  Also in Recently, the PUBG Mobile IPA released to both iOS and Android Platforms.  After its Official Launch to USA and UK Regions, the Players Have Been Enjoying this game Also now its English version Game Running Successfully across the World.

But unfortunately, some Players are facing a PUBG Mobile Network Error on their Devices and that pop-up an Error Message when you launch the Game on your Device. And Some of Player Said that this is Fault of PUBG Game Internal Structure, But the Main reasons for this Error are the Installed PUBG Game fails to resolve your DNS to Connect Game Official server. In order to Fix this Error, You can simply Change your Network DNS Address to Google DNS Address. While if you Don’t Know How to Change DNS to Google DNS, Then stop and Read Below few steps.

In My Previous Post “Download PUBG Mobile IPA” we shared lot information about that PUBG Game available for only Canada and China Regions. And the Game Developers always Tracks the Players Location. This is another Reason for PUBG Mobile Network Error. Thankfully, there is a Trick available to Fix Error.

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Basic Checks

  • Check your Wi-Fi or Cellular Internet Connection.
  • Check your Internet Speed and Ping.
  • If you are Using Android Device to Play PUBG, Then simply Allow Mock Location on Device.

Know How to Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on Android or iPhone, iPad

Step.1) First of all, Launch PUBG Mobile App, After Likely it shows a Mobile Network Error or Internet Error Message when you tried to Load the Game and Network Call. And That Error Sent backs you to Device Home screen.

Step.2) The Main Reason for the PUBG Mobile Network Error on your Devices is actually from the Developer Rules and Terms.

Step.3) And the Official Tencent Game and Their Developers are Now Continually Checking the Network Connection Location to Ensure When Each user comes from the Official Launched Regions or Not.

Step.4) when you are Trying to Play Game from Other Outside Regions, you need to Install a Best Woking VPN App on your Device. Most of those VPN services will hide your Google Location or Device Location and Provides an Access to Play Game without any Issues.

Step.5) So, Simply Get Install Popular VPN App on your Android or iPhone, iPad Device from Google/App store without any Cost.

Step.6) Once the VPN App Downloaded and Installed on your Device then simply Open VPN and Choose the Official PUBG Released Country’s ( China and Canada) Server.

Step.7) After Again Try to Load PUBG Mobile Game. we Hope Now the Game started Successfully on your Android or iPhone Device, In case game not Started then simply follow Alternate Method.

Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on Android and iPhone Devices using DNS Change

Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on Android

  • First of all, Open the Settings Menu on your Device Then Navigate to Connections.
  • Select Wi-Fi Option and then Access the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Now Long-Press on the Connected Wi-Fi Network.
  • After, Tap on Manage Network Settings>>>Then Again Tap on “Show Advanced Options”.
  • Tap on “IP Settings” then Change to Static Option.
  • Now Change DNS 1 to, Similarly change DNS 2 to
  • Next, Save the Changed Settings, After Try to Load the Game.

Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on iPhone or iPad

  • Go to Settings Menu of your iPhone or iPad Device then Simply Navigate to Wi-Fi.
  • Now Tap on Connected Wi-Fi Network, On the Next Page Again Tap on DNS Option.
  • Now set the DNS Configuration from Automatic to Manual.
  • There you will see DNS Server Option, Then Just Tap on Add Server Option.
  • Now Type and simultaneously, After Add and Save those Servers.
  • That’s it, Now Again Open the PUBG Game then Again Try to Load.


That’s It My Dear Readers, You can Simply follow above Provided Methods and then Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error on your Device.  Once the Error Fixed and Game Successfully Connected to Network, you should jump into Despite Tencent’s PUBG Game and Keep Enjoy Their Excellent Graphics. Guys, In the case above Steps not Working then Just Leave a Comment on Below.

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