PUBG Mobile Game For Android-iOS-iPhone-iPad

How to Download PUBG Mobile Game on iOS (iPhone/iPad)/Android

Want to Download PUBG Mobile game on Android/iOS then you are in the right place to Download and Install PUBG Game For iPhone/iPad and Android which is now only available in China.

PUBG is known as Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds which is most popular game in PC’s from last year, but the sad part is there is no mobile version is released yet, but to Day PUBG mobile game version is also released for iDevices and Android devices, but it is only available in China. After recording sales on PC and Xbox, PUBG game has in partnership with Tencent and they made Mobile version and they released in only China.

  • Note: Don’t bother about the region that you are other Country instead of China. Here in this article, We will show you How to Download and Install PUBG game on Android and iOS Devices.

Actually, this game is not released in world wide, it is only available in Chinese AppStore TapTap app. Here I will give you clear structure to Download PUBG mobile game. First of all to Install PUBG game you have to Install We chat or QQ app, why because this game requires We chat or QQ login details to Install on your iDevices or Android.

  • Note: Here, I used Samsung Galaxy pro and iPhone 7+ mobiles to Install PUBG Mobile Game and the methods which I am providing here are working fine on my end.

Download WeChat and QQ to Create WeChat & QQ Accounts:

So First of Download & Install WeChat or QQ apps on your Android or iOS Devices and Create WeChat or QQ accounts with your Login Credentials. To Download and Install Follow the Below links.

>> WeChat For Android: Download

Now Click on Install to Install WeChat For Android and Create WeChat account by using your details, this account will help you while Installing PUBG Mobile game.

Click on Install

>> WeChat For iPhone/iPad: Download

Download & Install WeChat iOS/iPhone/iPad

>> And If you want to Create a QQ account, then follow the Below Link to Create QQ account on Android/iOS(iPhone, iPad).

Create QQ account Here

Download PUBG Mobile Game For Android Devices:

As I already mentioned above, this app is only available in Chinese AppStore TapTap, so to Download and Install PUBG game we have to Install TapTap game on Android devices. TapTap AppStore is popular App store in china.

Step 1) Download TapTap app From Here

  • Note: Before Going to Install TapTap on Android Devices, Please Check Unknown Sources by following the below Steps.

Settings” >> “Security” >> Scroll down the page and find “Unknown Sources” and Enable.

Check and Enabke Unknown Sources

Step 2) Now Click on “Install TapTap” to Install this popular App store in china

Click on Install TapTap AppStore

Step 3) Now open TapTap Chinese AppStore and Click on the Search icon or Click on Magnifier icon.

Step 4) Now type “PUBG” and hit on search, you will find the results related to “PUBG Mobile game” Click on the PUBG game which have 8.7 rating or just simply follow the below image.

Type PUBG and Click on Search

Step 5) If you still can’t find the app, then Download PUBG game from the Here directly on your Android device.

Step 6) If you Find it, then Click on the Download to proceed the further steps.

Tap on Download
  • Note: Actually, the file Size is 500 MB, you need to have extra 1 GB space to process the Installation. If you are facing Installation problems, then free up you device space to Download PUBG on Android without facing any errors.

Step 7) After Downloading the app, again you have to “Enable Unknown Sources“, to Install PUBG Game.

Check and Enabke Unknown Sources

Step 8) After Enabling Unknown Sources, Click on the Apk file which you have downloaded, after you will be ask for installation, simply tap on “Install“, to get PUBG installed.

Click on Install

Download PUBG For iOS – Install PUBG Mobile Game on iPhone/iPad:

As I already Mentioned above, this game is not available other countries instead of China, so in iDevices, you have to Change your local to get PUBG Game Installed on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak.

  • Note: Actually, I tried this method on my iPhone 7+ which works very fine on my end.

Before going to Download PUBG Mobile Game, make sure you have already Installed WeChat from the above given link or you already have a QQ account to Create PUBG account.

Step 1) First of all change your region to China by following the below Steps.

Settings” >> “General” >> “Language & Region“, and change the region to “China”.

Region Change to China

Step 2) Next up, navigate to “Settings>> iTunes & App Store“. Tap on your Apple ID and then tap on “View Apple ID”. Now, change the region of your App Store to“China”.

  • Note: Here you will be required to enter your Address and Phone Number. If you don’t have any genuine credentials, then you can generate random details from here.

Step 3) After changing your region to China, simply just Click on the below link to Download PUBG Game on iPhone/iPad.


Step 4) Click on “Get” to start the Download and Installation process of PUBG Game on iOS devices.

Click on Get to Download PUBG for iOS

Step 5) Once you have Downloaded and Installed successfully, then game is your’s Login With WeChat account or QQ account to Create PUBG Game account.

Create PUBG Account to Play PUBG Mobile Game on Android:

After Installing PUBG Game on your Android device, you need to Login to WeChat or QQ account to Play PUBG mobile game.

  • Note: Before going to Create PUBG Account make sure you already Installed WeChat and open it back ground of your Phone, because PUBG mobile game automatically detects WeChat account and takes those login credentials to open the PUBG game.

Step 1) First of all open the PUBG game, and Click on the Green Button which looks like in the below image to login to WeChat account.

Click on Green Button to Login to WeChat

Step 2) Now you are going to Login PUBG game via WeChat, so Tap on “Confirm Login“.

Click on Confirm Login

Step 3) Here you don’t need to give your login credentials, PUBG game automatically detects your WeChat account details and finally, it creates it own PUBG account and getting start to open.

Step 4) After Login to PUBG Mobile Game, Choose the character which you loves the most from the list given and Click on the Yellow button at the bottom of the screen.

Choose Your Character on PUBG Game

Main Settings in PUBG Game in English:

The game is full of Chinese language, if you are already played this game on your PC/Laptop, then it is easy for you to understanding the settings, but if not, then read below to know the important settings which will help you while playing the game. Why I am providing this details only because, if you are new to PUBG Mobile Game, then you can’t understand anything, only reason the game is in Chinese Language. So here I am going to transfer some settings from Chinese Language to English.

Main Lobby:

PUBG Mobile Main Lobby Chinese to English

Basic Settings:

PUBG Mobile Basic Settings Chinese to English

Picture Settings:

PUBG Mobile Picture Settings Chinese to English

Firing Settings:

PUBG Mobile Firing Settings Chinese to English

Vehicle Movement Settings:

PUBG Mobile Vehicle Movement Settings Chinese to English

Sensitivity Settings:

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings Chinese to English

Loot Settings:

PUBG Mobile Loot Settings Chinese to English

Record Settings:

PUBG Mobile Recording Settings Chinese to English


That’s it kudos, I think these methods definitely works fine on your end too. PUBG Mobile Game getting popular day by day in China. Nowadays there are testing beta version in China, if it get’s succeed, then they will release the mobile version whole over the world. I think you people may face some lagging issues, because this game is on Chinese server only, so many people playing at a time on single server may cause some issues on your end.

If you like this article, then share this article with your friends and family. If you face any errors or problems while downloading and installing, then let me know, I will try my level best to give you best solution for your query.

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