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Free Download iOS Emulator For Android | Run iOS Apps on Android

Here in this article you will learn how to run iOS apps on Android by using iOS Emulator For Android Without Rooting. If you want to get iOS Emulator Download on iPhone/iPad and also want to get iOS Emulator Install on iOS 11/10/9/8/7, then you are in the right place. OpenEmu and XModGames are alternatives to iOS Emulator.

I think there are only two OS versions competing in mobile world, those are Android and iOS. Many Android users love  to have iOS apps on their Android because of cool interface and professional UI. Here in this article my main motto is to show you “How to Run iOS apps on Android” that too without rooting. If you are an iDevice user and want to run the android apps on iOS then Download iAndroid on iPhone, iPad.

Most of mobile lovers love iPhone, iPad I am also one of them, but their price tag touches the sky. Some of the even don’t have a thought to buy iDevice at that costs. But having a dream of using iOS apps on your android devices then you are in the right place. Here you will get download iPhone Emulator on your android device to install iOS on Android.

Actually, Emulators fulfill your dream of having iOS for Android. Emulator means it is a third apps which allows you to run one OS apps on other OS. Like you can Run iOS apps on Android same as you can Run Android apps on iOS. Here to run iOS on Android you have to download iOS Emulator For Android. Back to year ago you have to root your android device to get iOS Emulators, but for now time changes you download direct Apk files to run Emulators. You can also Download NES.Emu Emulator For iOS 11/10/9/8/7 from here.

Just simply read more to learn how to run iOS on android without rooting your Android device and that too without paying single penny. After Installing iOS on Android you will get access to the apps like FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage, iTunes, PodYcast much more iOS Apps.


  1. Android 2.3 or Later versions.
  2. RAM capacity is more than 512 MB (I think nowadays every android mobile has RAM at least 1MB or More).
  3. Must have sufficient storage to download Emulator (>100).
  4. Cider Apk or iEmu App.

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Steps to Run iOS Apps on Android by iOS Emulator:

Let’s discuss more about how to install iOS Emualtor for android without root. One thing don’t before install iOS Emulator on Android read the below steps carefully without any hassle.

Here in this article, I will provide 2 iOS Emualtors For your Android device. Those are…

  1. Cider Apk
  2. iEmu Apk

Step 1) First and foremost you have to “Download iOS Emulator on Android“.

Step 2) One after finishing downloading navigate to the downloads page and there check for the “iOS Emulators“.

Step 3) Now click on the downloaded file and start “Install iOS Emulator on Android” by on screen steps.

Step 4) After tapping Install option, then iOS Emulator starts “Installing Padiod” on your Android device.

Step 5) Finally, tap on padiod, there you will see the iOS home page on your android device.

Ok, Now let’s start some more discussion on How to Download & Install Cider Apk and iEmu Apk on Android Without Rooting. Provenance Emulator For iOS also available here.

Download Cider Apk on Android | Install Cider iOS Emulator For Android:

cider apk ios emulator for android
Cider Apk Download

From my experience with iOS Emulators I prefer Cider Apk, only because of it’s clean UI. More over you even don’t need pay single penny to the Cider team. This is one of the most power full to run latest iOS apps on android devices to get the all benefits

  • Note: Cider Apk doesn’t support Camera, GPS and sensors. I think it works with only selected devices.

When it comes to best iOS Emulators my suggestion goes for Ciner App, where you can get pure iOS experience. And one more thing I have to mention here is make sure you have enough space on your andorid device before you are going to download Cider Apk. Disable all Android Launchers on your andorid device to get the all features of iOS on your device.

Download Cider Apk from the below link

Click Here

  • Check you device storage is sufficient enough to download Cider Apk.
  • Delete if you have any famous Launchers on your Android to avoid lagging while using iOS Emulator.
  • Now start downloading Cider Apk from the above link, and then navigate to the downloaded file location.
  • Now navigate to “Settings” >> “Security” >> “Enable the option Unknown  Sources“.
Enable Unknown Resources
Enable Unknown Resources
  • Tap on Downloaded Cider Apk and then click on “Install” option.
  • Wait until it completes Installation process after that open Cider Android Apk which is iOS Emualtor For Android.
ios emulator for android apk
iOS Emulator on Android

That’s it, I think all these steps may help you Install one of the best iOS Emulator For Android Without Rooting. If you face any errors or any problems with Cider iOS Emualtor then try iEmu Apk on Android which is better alternative to Cider Apk in iOS Emulators. You can also Download SNES4iOS from this blog.

iEmu Apk Direct Download | iEmu iOS Emulator For Android:

iemu apk direct download
iemu apk direct download

As I said iEmu Apk is one of the best alternatives to iOS Emulator Cider Apk. iEmu Apk is created by the Android developer, so I think you may not face any errors with iEmu apk. Along with emulating iOS Apps on Android you can also run .zip files without any dedicated applications.

Download iEmu iOS Emulator Apk For Android from the below link

Click Here

  • First of all iEmu Apk Download from the above link.
  • Now navigate to  “Settings” >> “Security” >> “Enable the option Unknown  Sources“.
  • Now simply remove apps which you running before start Installing iEmu iOS Emulator.
  • After Enabling Unknown Sources navigate to the downloaded file click on it.
  • Here tap on “Install“.
  • It will take some time to complete the installation process, wait until it completes after that open iEmu Apk iOS Emulator to enjoy the iOS Apps on Android and iOS UI on your Android device that too without Rooting.
ios emulator for android
ios emulator for android

I think you may not face any errors with iEmu Apk because it is created by android developers. Actually, android UI and iOS is completely different. Even you can’t understand the interface. iEmu Apk convert iOS apps to Android which means it emulates the iOS apps on your android device.

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That’s it, finally I have to conclude one thing about this article is all about “How to Run iOS apps on Android by iOS Emulator”. I think this articles help you to get emulator for iPhone, iPad without jailbreaking. After Installing Cider Apk or iEmu Apk on your android you can run iOS on android without any hassle.

If this article helps you needs, then share this article with your friends too. From the both emulators iEmu is best iOS Emualtor to Run iOS apps on android. But from my opinion Cider apk and iEmu apk both are best iOS Emulators For Android.

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