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How to Use 2 or Dual WhatsApp Accounts in single Android/iPhone

How to Use 2 Dual WhatsApp Accounts in Android/iPhone: Hai friends, once again I come up with a beautiful article for you. Yes, you can also use WhatsApp For PC without Bluestacks means WhatsApp web can be made it happens, but in this Article, I am going to present an interesting and most useful app for you. With that, you can use “Dual WhatsApp Accounts in single Android Mobile/iPhone“, isn’t interesting? I hope You like it. Then Here we go.

Here in this article, I am going to reveal one Whatsapp hidden trick. Do you know this, you can install 2 or Dual WhatsApp accounts after reading this WhatsApp hidden trick which is given by me. I think this trick may help for the people who have a smartphone with dual sim feature, I think everyone has those dual sim mobiles. After reading this post, you can be able to use Multiple(2) Whatsapp accounts on same mobile with 2 different numbers.

Download OG WhatsApp to use 2 WhatsApps or Dual WhatsApp Accounts on Android, iPhone:

Here in this article, I am introducing new trending app named “OG WhatsApp“. Yes, OG WhatsApp makes you journey towards to install two or Dual WhatsApp accounts. OG WhatsApp you can find it in Google Play Store and you can download it from Google PlayStore directly. But, installing Multiple Whatsapp Accounts using OG Whatsapp is a little bit tricky. All these features are available without rooting your device. Actually, OG WhatsApp has no option to concatenate messages from 2 different accounts but you can use OG WhatsApp for one number and the real Whatsapp for another number. Now follow my steps to know how to use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone.

  • Note: Dual Whatsapp Account is only possible with OG Whatsapp app.

This is interesting, isn’t it? So, start installing Dual Whatsapp accounts in your mobile. Generally, we can use only one WhatsApp with one unique mobile number. But, after reading this entire article, you will learn “how to install 2 or Dual Whatsapp Accounts at the same time and on the same phone/mobile“.

Some more interesting Features of OGWhatsapp to get Dual WhatsApp Accounts:

  1. Multiple Whatsapp accounts on the same device.
  2. No Root required.
  3. Almost all features of Whatsapp.
  4. Image preview without downloading.
  5. Backup and restoring feature.
  6. Whatsapp video streaming without downloading using media players like MX player.

How to Download & Install OG WhatsApp for using 2 or Dual WhatsApp Accounts at a time?

Before going to install OG Whatsapp on your Android-iPhone lets me tell you some important steps you need to perform to your official WhatsApp account which was already installed. You have to do it carefully. You can follow the step by step installation guide below to get 2 WhatsApp Accounts in one phone without root.

Step 1) If you need the full backup of your previous Whatsapp like messages and data, do backup by following the below steps otherwise leave it.

  • For your previous backup conversations: Go to “Settings” and click on “Chat Settings”. There you can see “Backup Chats” option. Tap on that to create a backup of your messages.

Step 2) Now, navigate “Settings” on your mobile and “clear WhatsApp data”.


Step 3) Imp: Now Go to “/SD Card/Whatsapp” folder and rename the folder with “OG WhatsApp”.

Step 4) It’s time to uninstall the official Whatsapp application means which is old WhatsApp.

  • Note: You have to perform all the above steps before uninstalling your official Whatsapp from your device.Don’t do any mistake while doing that, If you do so you may lose some of your device files.

Installation Procedure of OG WhatsApp For Android|iPhone:

Step 5)  Now, Download OG WhatsApp and  Install OG Whatsapp on your phone.

Step 6) Here, as usual, it asks your mobile number while installing for confirmation. Here You have to give your previous mobile number that you used in Whatsapp official app and click OK. Now, you can use OG Whatsapp account with your old mobile number.

  • Note: You backed up your conversations didn’t you?. Therefore, you can see them in your new OG Whatsapp account.Now, for second account i.e, Using another mobile number which is different from the previous one in the same WhatsApp account.Here we go.

Step 7) Now navigate to Google Play Store and Download & Install Official Whatsapp application.

Step 8) As usual, Official Whatsapp App asks you to verify your mobile number. Please make sure that this time you have to give a different number.That is it. Your mobile is ready with 2 or Dual Whatsapp accounts.

I hope you understood it clearly and installed Dual WhatsApp accounts successfully in single mobile. If you find any errors while installing, please go through the steps once again or let me know. If you have any problems regarding this Article “How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Single Android Smartphone“, feel free to ask me through comments. Consider share this Article, with your friends too. Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit again.

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