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Download Magisk Pokemon Go [0.37.0] Hack on Rooted Android | Magisk Apk

How to Install Magisk Pokemon Go Hack: Hai friends! What’s up? I hope most of you have enjoyed my previous article on Pokemon Go Apk For Android & iOS. I am sure that you all have been playing the most interesting and world’s popular game. Most of us are getting thrilled while playing Pokemon go. Ok, Let’s read more to download Pokemon Go Magisk on iOS and Android device to get Root Magisk Hide.

  • Disclaimer: Rooting is risky process for your device, so We at FixiOSDownloads are not responsible for any harm on your device. If you want to proceed the task, do it with your own risk.

With your excitement and interest towards innovative technical inventions today I am going to present another article which is of similar kind of Pokemon Go. Without wasting too much time on knowing about this let’s look into “Install Magisk Pokemon Go(0.37.0) on Rooted Android|Pokemon Go Hack“. The main theme of this app is you can Hide Root from Pokemon Go. After that you may also face Pokemon Go Failed to detect location problems.

  • Note: If you already using pokemon go rootcloak and facing errors then use Magisk apk Pokemon Go and hide your Root from Pokemon Go.

If you use Tutu app to download Pokemon Go, but facing Tutu app Won’t Install Problem, yes you can also fix by following my previous guide,


  1. If you want to use Magisk, then you have to use device with an unlocked bootloader Which is running on Android 5+.
  2. Your device must be restored to a stock system and boot.
  3. If you are not aware of how to do that, then simply fully remove any form of root access and Xposed.
  4. Do Some custom recovery.

App Compatibility:

  • The below installation steps of Magisk Pokemon Go Bypassing Rooting in Android are almost working on all android devices like HTC, Micromax, Samsung, Sony, Red mi,  Motorola, LG, One Plus, Asus and lot more devices.
  • Pre-Requirements: To get Pokemon Go on rooted Android devices, it is mandatory to have some files on your device which are the magisk appPokemon Go hack app, and bypass root app.

Magisk Pokemon Go [0.37.0] Manger Download For Rooted Android:

Here’s a tutorial of Magisk and how to install Magisk Manager Pokemon Go App on any Android device, which allows you to play Pokemon Go on the latest update. FYI v0.39.0 doesn’t allow you to play on the rooted device. So,Let’s start our discussion on How to play Pokémon GO (0.37+) on a rooted Android with Magisk. Before entering into steps just know how to play Pokemon Go Without Walking.

In this article, you can able to understand how we can Bypassing Rooting of Android Magisk Pokemon Go hack on Pokemon Go 0.37.0 version and for other versions too. In the latest version of Pokemon GO 0.37.0 or any other latest one, we can’t able play the game on our rooted android until we bypass it. Read more to get Magisk Manager Apk Download .

Before entering to the installation steps of Magisk Apk, you can also download pokemon go++ latest version to avoid all the errors which may cause problems to your device in future.

Steps to Install Magisk Pokemon Go | Bypass Rooting Android with Magisk Apk App

  • NOTE: If you’re unencrypted and restore the stock boot image, you may think that your device is bootlooping, but it is actually re-encrypting (thanks, Max).

Step1) Before going further one thing you must do is that you need to download the following files before going to install Pokémon GO (0.37+) on a rooted Android with Magisk Pokemon Go Apk.

1) Download Magisk Manager Apk Here
2) Magisk Download ZIP file
3) Download Magisk SuperSU ZIP

Step2) Power Off your Android device

Step3) Reboot into Teamwin Recovery Project(TWRP) and factory reset your device by clicking on Wipe in TWRP and this will erase everything on your device and nothing will happen to your internal storage.

Step4) Come back to TWRP and click on “Install” and select “Magisk” first.

Step5) Click on Add more zips and select “SuperSU” and make sure that it should be an exact order which I was started now.

Step6) Now “Swipe or Install“, It takes some time to complete the installation.Wait and watch.

Step7) Now click on “Reboot System

Step8) Sign in your device.Once you sign in you can be able to Pokemon GO and also you can check SuperSu icon in your application list.Open it and click on expert and check for errors.If no errors found then go further.

Step9) Now open your “File Explorer” and install “Magisk Manager Apk

Step10) Once installation had done,then open it and there you will see “Root Toggle” and “SELinux Toggle“, and you cal also see their status like Root status “Mounted” and SELinux status “Enforcing”.


Step 11) Now uncheck “Root Toggle” option and click Grant and you can see Root status as “Not mounted“.


Note: It is the crucial step to make your OS compatible to Pokemon GO.

Step 12) Now you can see Pokemon Go icon in the device, just open it and enjoy the gaming.


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Magisk Pokemon Go Hack App Conclusion:

That’s it dear, I did all those steps and now I am playing Pokemon Go on Android rooted device. Finally, I want to conclude about this article “How to Install Magisk Pokemon Go on Rooted Android” & “How to Hack Pokemon Go [0.37.0] on Rooted Android“. If you face any errors or problems while installing let me know, Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit again. Pokemon Go Anywhere may help you to play Pokemon Go game on your Android or iOS where ever you are.

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