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How To Get Netflix VR iPhone, Android To Watch Virtual Reality Movies

Netflix VR iPhone and Android: Nowadays Netflix has become popular for streaming movies this because they are providing such a quality Service. Recently, Netflix enhances new technology called a Virtual Reality Movies in it. This is presently very much attracting to the people who loved to watch 360 degrees movies. I think several iPhone users don’t know about this clearly, so, By this Article, You will know “How to Use Netflix VR iPhone & Android Devices”.

  • Question: What is VR?
  • Answer: VR means Virtual Reality, the name itself describes everything like it creates simulated motion around your surroundings.

Virtual Reality is the latest technology in Movies and anywhere that develops pictorial environment surrounding us. This will bring you into another world while you are watching a Visuals. In order to get this Experience, You need to have a VR Supporting Device. By which you can able to watch 360 degrees visuals in a picture. I think most of you are familiar with Netflix VR iPhone so I need not discuss more.

I am one of the huge fans of the Virtual Reality Movies. And I have Netflix VR iPhone to watch movies so I am most familiar with this as like you. Most interesting thing about Netflix is you can cancel Netflix Account subscription at any time.

Watch The Virtual Reality Movies With Netflix VR iPhone & Android Devices:

You may Find several methods to access Netflix VR iPhone. I observed Among all of them are difficult and longer steps. That’s why here I provided a Simple Steps to Get Netflix VR for your Android & iPhone Devices.


  1. iOS Device like iPhone, iPad.
  2. VR Streamer iOS app.
  3. VR Streamer server (which is basically a Windows software.)
  4. Any VR glasses like Google Cardboard, Color Cross etc..
  5. Open Track Head tracking software (Free Windows software).
  6. VR Streamer Open track Plugin for Windows.

Download Netflix VR for iPhone:

First of All, You need to have Oculus for watching virtual reality movies. Netflix Virtual Reality settings are very simple to monetize. So, You just follow me with below discussed steps carefully. Because there is not any app Exactly for Watching Netflix VR iPhone movies.

Step 1) First of All, Go to Oculus Home Page[].

Step 2) There you can search for Netflix in Search Box.

Step 3) When you find Netflix, Download Netflix App & Wait till download has completed.

Step 4) Now, Install the App & Thereafter Launch the App.

Step 5) Before going to access your Netflix Account You need to sign. If you don’t have Netflix account then Get Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords.

Step 6) That’s It, Now, Navigate to Movie Section and Select anyone of your favorite movies.

Step 7) Finally, You can able to watch any movie you want by wearing a VR Headset.

That’s it, Guys, As I said this is very simplest method among all of them you observed previously. I think this will take very less time to install Netflix VR iPhone & Android.

Netflix VR for Android:

Not only iPhone, Even Android also, You can watch Netflix VR movies. To get Netflix on your Android, You don’t need to follow any difficult methods. You should Get Netflix App on your Android which provides Virtual Reality Movies, For that Follow below steps:

  • You can download Netflix Virtual Reality App from the Google Play Store. Otherwise, you can directly use the following link.


  • This download will complete within the little period. (This App is very small space you need not worry about it)
  • When you have installed successfully, Go to the App Location And Just tap on it to Open.
  • Still, If you don’t have any account, just Create new Account.
  • Finally, You can use Virtual Reality Headset to watch movies in 360 degrees.

You have to Feel Virtual Reality on your Android Phone and It’s really Amazing and Superb Experience that I ever Experience before like this. VR headset you are selected should be realistic and Clear to watch then only you can feel such experience. Along with this, You can find many more features in to optimize visibility of virtual reality.

How To Use Netflix VR App on Gear VR:

  • Most of Netflix users doubtful about this Method, but Now, You need not think about it, Just start to use it on Gear VR.
  • To access this, You need to have Android Version 5.0 or Later.
  • At present, Gear VR is the Top & Best thing to experience Virtual Reality Movies on Netflix.
  • Most of Netflix users don’t know about Oculus Rift. This is actually another good tool for those who wanted to watch movies from Netflix VR iPhone
  • To know more About Oculus you can visit this Official site.

This Virtual Reality makes enjoy the movies very near to you. Gagagu is also one of the alternatives to the VR streamer. This article mainly focuses on “How to use VR Streamer on iPhone, Android“. If you get benefited by downloading Netflix VR App, then share this article with your friends too, Like us on Facebook to get notifications on your Facebook wall when we publish new articles.

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