Maya to Blender Animation

  Basic animation introduction and a familiarity of BOTH Blender and Maya An understanding of some more advanced animation techniques and tools An appreciation of the age old question of how Blender fares alongside commercial products An introduction into a cool new website   So over here on Annex2Nothing we have you covered on the […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors : Blender Tutorial

This is a little animation short created in Blender using Cycles for the CGMasters competition. The original tutorial project was going to run WAAAAY too long. This is an attempt to just show some of the methods used to create the idea while keeping the tutorial at a manageable length.   Part 1 – Construction […]

Getting Started – Visual (Brief Overview)

      This is intended as a bare bones getting started overview for someone very new to the idea of working on a basic visual studio setup powered mostly by quality free (or for next to nothing) software. For more links and resources beyond this short breakdown here I recommend you check out this […]

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