Rock, Paper, Scissors : Blender Tutorial


This is a little animation short created in Blender using Cycles for the CGMasters competition. The original tutorial project was going to run WAAAAY too long. This is an attempt to just show some of the methods used to create the idea while keeping the tutorial at a manageable length.


Part 1 – Construction

  • Basic organic modelling
  • Modelling, UVing and 3D Painting a simple tree trunk
  • Making the long tree root
  • Some auto-generation methods for nature

Part 2 – Effects

  • Creating the emerging root effect
  • Using the dynamic paint features


Let me know if you’d like to see/know more about this project!


Here are some relevant related resources :

Link to example blend file –

Very large free texture site…

Some free and open source textures can be found here…

Orchestral audio created with the free symphony sample set on reaper using linuxsampler

Foley sounds taken from…

Thanks to Satoration for the bongo’s!

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