Maya to Blender Animation


  • Basic animation introduction and a familiarity of BOTH Blender and Maya
  • An understanding of some more advanced animation techniques and tools
  • An appreciation of the age old question of how Blender fares alongside commercial products
  • An introduction into a cool new website


So over here on Annex2Nothing we have you covered on the modelling side of things. However, i’m guilty of having skimmed over a massive part of what people use Maya and Blender for – ANIMATION!

As it happens, i’ve been asked numerous times by people getting into animation who are familiar with Maya and now want to get involved with some Blender projects or just get familiar with the animation tools available.

So with this I am pleased to present from David Andrade (from the Theory Animation guys) the following video that should answer those needs. Look out for more from David – he knows what he’s doing!



If you know of any other great Blender to Maya/Maya to Blender resources out there, please let me know! I’ll get them on the site! Many thanks!Aidy.


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