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CG Masters DVD

Most of my activity these days is over at CG Masters.  Which may explain the quiet over here. However, there will be updates here from time to time. This is a big one, check it out!! It’s the creation of a whole environment and animation project. Over 25 hours of content. WATCH THE TEASER!!!   […]

Maya to Blender Animation

  Basic animation introduction and a familiarity of BOTH Blender and Maya An understanding of some more advanced animation techniques and tools An appreciation of the age old question of how Blender fares alongside commercial products An introduction into a cool new website   So over here on Annex2Nothing we have you covered on the […]

Lego City Undercover with Blender Part 1

CLICK to go straight to the video Blend file can be found here This is the first part of how and why Blender was used to help with my workflow when creating some of the art in Lego City Undercover. I’m an environment artist over at TT Fusion part of Travellers Tales and Warner […]

Modelling in Blender & Maya

    Welcome to possibly one of the most useful modelling tutorials I’ll ever do! (At least from a reference point of view anyway).   WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK > You want to get a thorough look at the modelling tools available in Blender (& as a consequence you’ll get a glance over […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors : Blender Tutorial

This is a little animation short created in Blender using Cycles for the CGMasters competition. The original tutorial project was going to run WAAAAY too long. This is an attempt to just show some of the methods used to create the idea while keeping the tutorial at a manageable length.   Part 1 – Construction […]

Blender Overview : Introduction

What is blender? What is this series all about?   The question concerning Blender that I get asked the most is what is it? and what can it do?   Hopefully this series will begin to answer the how rather than the what. AND, before this sentence starts to sound too much like a riddle […]

Blender Overview : Hotkey Customising…

  ….To make Blender behave a little bit more like Maya. (I thought i’d make the note here that although I personally started off using these adjustments to help acclimate myself to the world of Blender, I did eventually make the leap to just simply using Blender default controls. I felt that Blender holds quite […]

Blender Overview : Windows Comparison

    First of all lets take a quick look at the general user interface of blender before we start on a sort of direct windows comparison between maya and blender. The interface is made up of various windows. We can drag these windows around to the dimensions you prefer by grabbing the edges with […]

Blender Overview : Additional Menu Sets

  Outside of the polygon menu set there are some other commonly reached for tools even if you are only using the modelling side of maya. Here are some of the closest equivalents that can be found within Blender.   CONTENTS 1. Lattice 2. Simple Deformers 3. Curves 4. Baking       Here’s a […]

Blender Overview : Other Helpful Info

  To round things off in the video series I thought it might be a good idea to introduce some things that aren’t really native to Maya, as well as clarifying/giving further attention to a few other points that can be confusing if already coming from an application like Maya.   1. Addons 2. Modifiers […]

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