This is the first part of how Blender was used to help with my workflow when creating some of the art in Lego City Undercover. Included is the setup for generating procedural rocks.




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Rock Paper Scissors animated Blender short Overview Tutorial 

A little animated short created in Blender using Cycles for the CGMasters competition. The original tutorial project was going to run WAAAAY too long. This is an attempt to just show some of the methods used to create the idea while keeping

the tutorial at a manageable length.


Modelling in Blender & Maya

maya to blender modelling

Modelling – A complete guide to Modelling in Blender for Maya users and beginners

A thorough look at the modelling tools available in Blender (& as a consequence you’ll get a glance over all the Maya equivalents). A list of all the modelling tools found within Maya by default and their closest Blender equivalents.



Blender Overview

blender overview blender maya comparison for beginners

Blender Overview – Blender/Maya Comparison for Beginners

This series will aim to cover the basics of Blender aimed primarily but not exclusively at Maya users from a modelling/Texturing/UVing perspective. The material here is presented in an inclusive and wide enough way so as to allow beginners to get a grasp of blender too (and a sense of Maya while we’re at it).

Getting Started

Getting Started

Once upon a time I was completely new to all this, and at that time it would have been helpful to get a sense of context. From a software and Hardware perspective, what’s possible and available when getting started with a budget of next to nothing? This is a brief overview that attempts to categorise the disciplines.


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