Blender Overview : First Interactions


 first interactions with blender


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In this series of videos I go through some of the common things that seemed confusing to me when first jumping into Blender from Maya. Hopefully this is all the information you need to be able to get quite some distance through into Blender in the shortest time possible. Especially from a modelling for games perspective.

Having said that, they’ll be much more explored in the coming chapters of this general Blender overview to help with other curiosities.



1. Camera Controls

2. Left Select

3. 3D Cursor

4. Border Select

5. Edit Mode

6. Basic modelling

7. 3D Manipulator

8. Add

9. Windows (Basic)

10. Snapping

11. Windows Customising

12. Origins

13. Spacebar Search

14. General Customising

15. View/Frame Selected

16. Potential Problems


PART 1 : Camera Controls, Left Select, 3D Cursor


PART 2 : Border Select, Edit Mode, Basic Modelling

If you’re interested in more customising options with border select, more info can be found here….


PART 3 : 3D Manipulator, Add, Windows (Basic), Snapping

Note: During the snapping segment the grid lines are very difficult to make out, I hope it still makes sense!


PART 4 : Windows Customising, Origins, Spacebar Search

Note: At 2:25 – The screen recording software hasn’t recorded the cursor icon change at this point, the cursor should turn into something that has an arrow at either end.


PART 5:  General Customising, View/Frame Selected, Potential Problems


If you got through all that congratulations! You should now be handy enough to get exploring your creative ideas and further exploring the interface and features!


Here’s a link to the next section  – Menu Comparison….

maya blender menu comparison

Here’s a link back to the list of all videos in this Blender Overview series.

blender overview

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